OPR Exploration and Production embarked on the development of oil and gas production from its oil blocks to secure feedstock for its refinery. OPR has executed extensive 3D seismic data acquisition covering 640 sq. km in both OPLs 915 & 916 oil blocks, known to contain at least five hydrocarbon bearing fields.

Oil and Gas Development

OPR is currently drilling two new wells (ANAR-4 and ANAR-5) in OPL 915, has constructed over 24 km of 6-inch flowlines, procured linepipes for 45 km bulk lines between the oil fields and refinery site at Nsugbe-Umuleri and established a 5000 bbls/day Early Production Facility (EPF) at Aguleri-Otu for processing well fluids.



Orien's short term targets include realizing a production level from new wells of 3000 bbls/day by end year and 10,000 bbls/day by mid 2016 followed by harnessing the gas resources to through production and sales of LPG initially and then the dry gas for CNG and LNG production.