Orient Refinery Project

Extensive due process of investigations culminating in grant by FGN of EIA Certificate in 2005; the first-ever issued to a Nigerian refinery. Orient has acquired the site with all the perimeter and topographical surveys done. Geotechnical, geological and hydro-geological surveys now completed. Orient has also completed detailed engineering design. The site civil works – clearing, levelling, water boreholes and much more is done.

OPR - Feedstock Supply

Orient is a privately owned company and has ensured that the refinery feedstock supply is from own oil fields (OPLs 915 & 916). Orient has also alternative sources for feedstock supply – NPDC, AGIP & others. OPR is using hydroskimming technology – with no FCCU making the operation simple & easy operate & maintain. The solution has fast modular installation & potential for future expansion.


Feedstock Development

OPR has 4 years advantage against competitors for its refinery project with assured feedstock from OPL 915/916 or other nearby oil fields, Located in established product markets and transportation hub with In-situ Operations – versus crude/products export/import logistics. There is a captive market and a growing demand that will consume the planned increase in production from 20,000 to 55,000 bbls/day.